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Diapark Ltd. (Moscow, Russia) is a distributor company, intended for promotion of cost-effective and innovative medical equipment on the Russian market.

Our primary business directions are:

  • Laboratory equipment
  • "Point of care" equipment
  • Imaging equipment
  • Cardiology equipment

We are selling the devices that utilize up-to-date and “know-how” technical solutions, innovative approaches (based on the fundamental scientific researches and trials). At the same time, we are concerned on the principle of cost-effectiveness, so that all our devices and diagnostic systems are affordable to the majority of medical centers. Currently, the following leading manufacturers have given us the status of the authorized distributor of their products in Russia:

"Polymer Technology Systems, Inc."
, USA - portable chemistry analyzers (dry chemistry) "CardioChek" and "CardioChek PA", measuring a lipid spectrum, total cholesterol, high-density lipoproteins, low-density lipoproteins, triglycerides, glucose, creatinine, ketones. The device is an optimal solution for primary medical care, ambulances and out-patient usage. Currently, "CardioChek" and "CardioChek PA" are approved for glucose and cholesterol screening in Russia.

"SEAC S.r.I.", Italy. "Classic" devices for clinical laboratories are represented in Russia:

  • Automatic immunoenzyme analyzer “Brio2+” for urine, blood and plasma analyses.
  • Semi-automatic immunoenzyme analyzer “SirioS” for urine, blood and plasma analyses.
  • Semi-automatic chemistry analyzer “Slim” performing all types of chemistry analyses.
  • Automatic hematologic analyzer “HeCo” performing 5-dif., 22-parameter CBC.

"BPC Biosed", Italy – automatic chemistry analyzers (productive capacity values ranging from 120 to 700 tests per 1 hour) are presented on the Russian medical market. Constant research work in the sphere of clinical chemistry and comprehensive approach provide a strong basis for developing and improving automatic chemistry analyzers.

"EOS-Imaging”, France – Radiologic diagnostic complex “EOS 2D/3D” dedicated for orthopedics and traumatology. The 1992 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to a breakthrough invention: a high energy physics gaseous particle detectors. This detector design gave birth to EOS: It enabled X-ray imaging to be performed at a much lower dose, with an expanded dynamic range and without the vertical distortion inherent in today’s longer length film and digital imaging systems.

"Radiologia", Spain – X-ray Imaging equipment.

"Sedecal", Spain – X-ray Imaging equipment.

"Neurologica Inc", USA - CT scanners.

"Vitrex", Denmark - safety lancets.

"NeMon Inc.", USA – Holters and Event-recorders.

"HealthSTATS", Singapore – unique BP-monitoring systems and systems for CASP (central aortic systolic pressure) monitoring.

Other companies.

Technical service and maintenance of the equipment are performed by our highly skilled engineers, who are authorized and certified by the manufacturers.

We are looking forward to useful cooperation! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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